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Vacation Rental Property Management

Your trusted vacation rental management partner

Owning a vacation home on the island of St. Thomas is a dream come true. Turning a profit on that property makes the dream that much sweeter.  List your Virgin Islands vacation rental with Prestige Property Management to take the worry out of the equation. 

Integrated on Major Booking Sites

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Hyper-Focused Marketing Driven by Data

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Dedicated Local Teams

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Let's get started

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Rest easy knowing the professionals at Prestige Property Management put you and your vacation home first. Contact us today to get your villa or vacation home under the wing of Prestige Property Management.

Our vacation rental marketing​ is second to none.

We have spent countless hours learning and perfecting online microtargeting and per-per-click strategies to ensure each of our campaigns are effective. 

Our website and phone lines are set up to track which creative and campaign has created which potential customer, and what that potential customer has done on our website. The analysis and re-application of this data, when done on a regular basis, can pinpoint potential customers very effectively, creating conversions (bookings).

Each of our properties are provided with free drone photography and videography to add high doses of WOW factor to your online listings and marketing.

Our customer service is unbeatable, consistent, and greatly appreciated.

Our Customer Service is Unbeatable, Consistent and Greatly Appreciated. But you don’t have to take it from us! We are highly rated on Google, Airbnb, and all major booking websites.

We offer our clients a 24/7/365 after-hours assistance hotline that dials the owner of Prestige Property Management, and the manager on duty sequentially (if necessary) until the call is answered. So, if there is any sort of emergency or situation, we’re always available to assist, without fail!

If you or your guests have questions or need assistance, rest assured everyone will always be accommodated promptly and professionally.

Why Choose Prestige:

Your time is valuable. Here’s what we do as part of our full-service management—so you don’t have to.
Over 40 Years Experience

We offer over 40 years of experience in villa rental management. We aren't just experts in vacation home property management -- we are the local experts.

Local Knowledge and Footprint

We are a team of St. Thomas locals that take pride in handling your property with care. A local property manager is always looking out for your home, conducting regular inspections and maintenance.

Cost-Conscious and Efficient

Our maintenance team ensures you’re only charged for the fractional times they spend actually at your property. Our preventative maintenance checklist prior to your guest's arrival helps ensure a hassle-free experience.