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List Your Vacation Home and Open Your Door to Rental Income

Owning a vacation home on the island of St. Thomas is a dream come true. Turning a profit on that property makes the dream that much sweeter.  List your Virgin Islands vacation home with Prestige Property Management to take the worry out of the equation.

With over 40 years experience, we work hard to keep your vacation home consistently booked.  Plus, we take care of all the advertisement, so you know that those desiring to visit St. Thomas are kept aware of its existence and availability.  Simply shoot us an email to get started.  We’ll walk you through the steps to listing your home with us and earning a consistent income from your investment.

We handle everything from renting your villa or vacation home to maintaining it while vacant.

You get to use your home whenever you want to and then have it generate income while you are away.  Renters get everything they need from seamless booking to an easy check-in.  Hotel quality amenities combined with 24/7 support keep them coming back time and again.

Finally, you get to rest easy.  No more worrying about your home’s safety when you aren’t around.  The professionals at Prestige Property Management put you and your vacation home first.  If something breaks, we get it repaired.  We make sure absolutely everything is covered, be it insurance, routine maintenance, or helping renters enjoy their stay.

So, contact us today to list your vacation home or villa under the wing of Prestige Property Management.  You can sleep well at night knowing that your vacation property is in capable hands.

Why Rent Out Your Vacation Home?

One of the most popular benefits of renting your vacation home is the additional income. Even when it is locked up tight, your vacation home is costing you money. Utilities, maintenance, and insurance all add up, whether your home is occupied or not. By renting it out between visits, your home can pay for its own upkeep and generate additional residual income, making it a true investment in your future.

In addition to the financial benefits, vacant properties are more likely to be targeted in crimes and more likely to suffer damage from water leaks and other mechanical failures that may go unnoticed between visits. Regular inspections by management professionals preparing for guests provide early discover, allowing prompt repairs and minimizing damage.

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